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What are the International SplashTrash ArtExpos?

Harnessing the power of art to save our oceans. 

High school student experience splashtrash art.

What is SplashTrash Art? 

Art made out of plastic collected from oceans, rivers and waterways, a rapidly growing new genre with, unfortunately, limitless free art supplies.

Art is a wound turned into light.  

Georges Braque


Splashtrash art creates something affirming in the face of something horrific. It is transformational to both the creator and the beholder. 


Creating art out of splashtrash transforms people into ocean pollution activists; sharing their art raises awareness and motivates action in a non-threatening and persuasive way.

Grade School student experience splashtrash art

2018 International SplashTrash ArtExpo Sample Entries 

Why International ArtExpos? 


The International SplashTrash ArtExpos are the first global platform for

splashtrash artists to share and be acknowledged for their art, activism and advocacy. 


There are literally hundreds of organizations and artists around the world creating art out of splashtrash, but only a few of them are well known.  These are some of our ocean's most valuable allies and advocates.  They interact with and educate hundreds of thousands of people scientists and other plastic pollution experts might not reach. The SplashTrash ArtExpos will engage, share and celebrate the art, activism and advocacy of these unsung heroes.

Historically, international arts-based events have been powerful catalysts, 

increasing awareness and action around a variety of issues – from AIDs to Tsunami victims.

Arts-based events generate excitement, creativity, media coverage, action and the feeling that we are in this together and together we an make a difference. We are at a tipping point in relation to marine debris and the future of our planet. This is the precise moment for the International SplashTrash ArtsExpos. Let's harness the transformational power of art and arts-based events to accelerate awareness, activism and advocacy around the globe about the impact of plastic in our waterways and what we can do to make a difference  – before it is too late.

What people are saying about splashtrash art:

 Splashtrash art creates a lasting impression. I believe it is one of the more effective ways to get to people...and change public policy."   

Leonard Zuga,

Splash Trash Pop-up Show Visitor 

International SplashTrash ArtExpos Global Supporters 
Fifty-eight Supporters from twenty-three countries:  Antigua, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Germany, Honduras, Japan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal and United States,
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