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Do you make art out of splashtrash - plastic collected from around and in our oceans and waterways? So do I.


It started on a Caribbean vacation where I was devastated by the amount of plastic trash on the beach and in the ocean. So I started making art out of it - to try to make something positive out of something so horrific. It changed my life. I was transformed into a no-more-plastic-in the-ocean activist and advocate. I began to wonder if there were others who had a similar experience  and found that there are literally hundreds of us  - all around the world.  


The Virtual International SplashTrash ArtExpo is an opportunity for us to share and highlight our art, activism and advocacy, as well as get to know and connect with each other. 

Who can enter?  Everyone! Artists of all ages and levels of experience, just-having-fun to professional, are invited to enter.   

How much does it cost to enter?  There is no charge to enter. 

What type of art qualifies? Art that is made from at least 75% splashtrash - plastic collected along and in oceans and waterways. 

How many pieces of art work can I enter?  Only three pieces, so pick your best and most diverse. What materials and techniques are emerging in this new art genre? 

Where will the art be exhibited?  The Premier will be at the 6th International Marine Debris Conference in March to hundreds of leading marine debris experts and advocates, as well as being online, accessible to millions of people around the world!

How do I enter? Starting February 1st simply fill out the form that will be on this page and upload a photo of your art.

Help Spread the Word! 


There are hundreds of splashtrash artists around the world. Let's see how many we can get involved?

Like and share our Facebook page. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.


Forward this page to organizations and individuals you think would be interested.

Use the hashtag #splashtrashart and #splashtrashartexpos


Sign up for a reminder email about entering your artwork and 

other updates about the International SplashTrash ArtExpos.

Enter the 2018 Virtual International SplashTrash ArtExpo

February 1 - May 1, 2018  

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